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Bay Area band Guy Fox found their sea legs in San Francisco playing into the wee hours on Tuesday nights at the Boom Boom Room, a small but effective incubator for Bay Area music. They crafted their live performance to match the energy of the first iteration of the band, formed in Maine, where living rooms across the East Coast would carelessly (and sometimes sloppily) dance to soul and funk covers by the band. 

There is a contemporary sound occurring in the Bay Area and Guy Fox is one of those at the helm. It’s not born out of decades of psych-rock, surf-rock or even folk, but lies at the very foundation of Bay Area music—soul and funk. Punctuating brass, playful bass lines, and even funk-pop make its way into a musical aesthetic found at the fingertips of Guy Fox.

Peter Granquist can be found behind the drum lending vocals along Nate Witherbee, who also plays host to synthesizer, guitar, piano and song writing. Greg Waters primarily contributes guitar and saxophones, while bassist Charlie Moore accompanies on vocals and synthesizer. 

Fans of Guy Fox have danced their way through sold-out shows at The Rickshaw Stop, Great American Music Hall, The Independent, and other Bay Area musical institutions. 

KQED Arts says: "The group's sense of humor and lighthearted nature is matched by their dedication... They have a way of making any venue feel like someone's living room, everything else falls away until it becomes you, your friends, and a good old fashioned dance party fueled by live music. Effortless is the word I'd use to describe their musical talent."

Guy Fox is:

Nate Witherbee - Guitar, vocals, synthesizers
Peter Granquist - Drums, vocals
Greg Waters - Guitar, tenor/bari saxophone, vocals
Charlie Moore - Bass, vocals