Jan 26, 2012

Thanks everybody!

Thanks everybody!

Not a whole lot to say! An infinite amount of thanks to the (200+!) crew that rallied on a Wednesday night at Brick and Mortar to celebrate the release of our debut EP. You can now stream it in its entirety/download it for $5 by visiting our bandcamp page.

2012 is shaping up to be an incredible year for us! Come check out our shows on the following dates:

February 4th- Brainwash Cafe in SoMa

February 14th- Valentine's day at the Boom Boom Room

February 25th- "Drop Party"- 1/2 off drinks and free entry at Berkeley's Shattuck Down-Low

Photo by Erik Anderson

Jan 16, 2012

Listen to the first two tracks of our EP!

Our show at Brick and Mortar Music Hall is barely a week away! Check out the link above to listen to the first two tracks on the EP.

Let us know what you think by visiting our Facebook page (comments other than "shit" or "embarrasingly mediocre" would be appreciated!)

Jan 9, 2012

Boom Boom Residency

Quick update- more great news for Guy Fox in 2012- we've just established a regular gig with the folks down at the Boom Boom Room. You can check us out there the second Tuesday of every month-  the first show kicking it off will be Valentine's Day.

Before that though, we'll be posting the first two tracks of our EP as a little teaser getting ready for our release show. Keep an eye out for them next week!

Jan 3, 2012


Happy new year everybody. We finished off 2011 with a visit from the police for that house party on Divisadero, but luckily they were kind enough to show up just after we wrapped up our second set!

Guy Fox also received an early christmas present from the folks over at Golden Mastering, who informed us that they had completed the mastering of our debut EP. We've been in and out of Tiny Telephone Studios since late July working on these songs and can't wait to share them with everybody. We've produced a collection of tunes that really capture our sound- keep your eyes peeled for an early sneak-peek!

To celebrate, we've booked a date at Brick and Mortar Music Hall on January 25th. Joining us will be Santa Cruz-based funkanauts The Best Friends and highly acclaimed local americana/rockers Buxter Hoot'n. We're stoked to be putting on this show and will be joined by some special guests on stage as well!

Dec 6, 2011

Farewell, Tiny Telephone

We've just finished recording and mixing our debut EP over in San Francisco's Tiny Telephone studio. It's been a truly awesome experience and we can't wait to share the results with everybody. The tracks have a lot of variety (influences from afrobeat, motown, indie and psychedelia) and we'll be playing plenty of them at the Hemlock this weekend. See you all there!

Nov 28, 2011

New show... Hemlock Tavern 12.11.11

We're all super stoked to announce a new show on December 11th at the Hemlock Tavern. After checking out the other acts that will be on display, you'll agree that this isn't one to take a miss on!

Take a second to listen to Daniel Hart, The Family Crest and Debbie Neigher. They all sound fantastic!

And an update on the album- we'll be heading into Tiny Telephone studios this weekend to wrap up the recording of our forthcoming EP. Look out for word on a release party early next year!

Nov 16, 2011

Boom Boom #2... hell yes

Who said you're not supposed to play more than one gig in the city per month?!

Thanks to everybody who turned out for a second concert in under a week! Boom Boom is a great spot and rest assured you haven't seen the last of us there.

Also, good luck to Bright Light Social Hour on the rest of their U.S. tour... We were talking to them after the show and apparently this is their first trip as a band out to the west coast. Those guys are ridiculously talented and I think we'll be seeing their name pop up at major festivals in the next few years.

Stay tuned for more info on one, possibly two gigs in SF this December and our EP release party, slated for mid January.

Nov 12, 2011

3 Great Albums You Might Not Have Heard

Hey everybody, Greg here. This great run of shows we're having has increased the traffic to our site, so I thought I'd share some musical nuggets with all of y'all. Originally I was going to do a post on my top ten albums, or maybe my three favorite recording artists (Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder and... ummm.... Stevie Wonder). Instead I've decided on three albums (at least to start) that people might not be familiar with. Hopefully soon some other Guy Fox dudes will chip in with some of their picks. So here we go, in no particular order.

1. A Band of Bees- Octopus

These guys are out of England (technically the Isle of Wight) where they are known simply as The Bees. They're one of the few bands I would compare to the Beatles without trying to cast them as unoriginal hacks. The album, from start to finish, is a gem. The vibe in general is amazing- clearly all done on analog tape to give everything a warmth and a natural grit to the breakbeat style of their drummer.

Stylistically they flirt with lots of genres- motown ("Listening Man"), reggae ("Left Foot Stepdown"), psychedelia ("Got to Let Go"), old school slide guitar-lead thumping rock ("Who Cares What the Question Is") all held together by fantastic songwriting and arranging. Rich vocal harmonies, catchy horn motifs all backed by a groovalicious rhythm section. What. a. band.

Hiiiighly recommend that you download the whole album. One song won't really give you a true picture of how diverse and awesome it is!

2. Milton Nascimento/Lo Borges- Clube da Esquina

I quickly run out of superlatives when trying to describe this recording. It's a 1972 double album spearheaded by two Brazilians- vocal virtuoso Milton Nascimento (known mainly by jazz fans for his work with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter) and main songwriter/guitarist Lo Borges. Brazilians have a well documented love of jazzy, complex harmony, and this album takes that to an extreme. The ambitious songwriting is matched by great rhythms, but the true beauty is how simple the musicians make everything sound. At times the music is breahtakingly pristine, at others completely haunting. And Milton Nascimento's voice is, in a word, perfect. Don't worry that the songs are all in Portuguese- it doesn't matter!

The opening track

Another great jam

3. Freddie McGregor- Bobby Bobylon

A shout out to my bandmate Bil from Lagos Roots for showing me this one. I am by no means a reggae connoisseur but this album seriously does it for me. It is free of the cheesy synths and overly crisp production of some the more contemporary acts, and has a great motown type vibe to it. There's also a super melancholy, somber feel to many of the tracks- "What Difference Does It Make?" and "Go Away Pretty Girl" being my two favorites of that style. The title track has an awesome swagger and "Wine of Violence" has one of the best bass parts I've ever heard. 

The last really noteworthy tune is "I Am A Revolutionist". I'm not sure was an Israelite is, but I could listen to this song repeatedly.

Hope you enjoy the tunes! -Greg

Nov 11, 2011

Alllllright everybody. Hope you all enjoyed Du Nord last night! We had a great time supporting Chairman Wow on their big night, and Shake Your Peace were amazing--- be sure to check them out next chance you get. I personally would not have guessed that bluegrass and latin rhythms could coexist so seemlessly. Incredible energy and musicianship as well!

We're super stoked to announce that we'll be playing with Austin natives Bright Light Social Hour this TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH at SF's Boom Boom Room. If band websites are anything to go by (perhaps not the best idea... cough), they recently cleaned up at the SXSW 2011 awards, including winning Band of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year. Holy shit!

The Boom Boom Room is a veritable SF landmark and we're psyched they invited us back so quickly. Most of us were back there last week to witness the Brooklyn-based funkadelic afro-indiebeat juggernaut that is Rubblebucket.

You guys don't want to miss this one!

Oct 31, 2011

Next up... Cafe du Nord!

Hey everybody,

We had a blast playing for all y'all at El Rio last week! Thanks to everybody who came out and made it a great night.

We're following that date up with another great show at Cafe du Nord on November 10th (that's next Thursday). We'll be helping fellow bay areans Chairman Wow celebrate their album release, and will be joined by Shake Your Peace.

So come on down to one of the best venues SF has to offer! See you all there.

You can RSVP on facebook here.

Oct 23, 2011

A word on Dreams

A word on Dreams

Our friends Dreams, who are co-headlining with us this Thursday, are a fantastic band. We're all really excited to be sharing the stage with them, and sincerely believe that their "local" status won't last long after their album drops early next year. We were also lucky enough to use the skills of the mad scientist behind much of the music, Rob, for a track on our upcoming EP.

You can hear their first two released recordings here and see their facebook page here.

Tasty musicianship, beautiful songs and a unique style of music.

Hope to see you all out at El Rio on Thursday!

Oct 12, 2011

Guy Fox at El Rio (with Dreams)

Guy Fox at El Rio (with Dreams)

Just wanted to let ya'll in on the most kickenest happening in Sf on the night of the 27th of October.  Guy Fox will be playing with the band Dreams (Pulsating rhythmic psychedelic pop juggernaut. Think of Billy Holiday meeting an electro-afro-pop infused future).  We plan to show up with our crew of horn players who are gonna wail on some new tunes.  Also, we're gonna break out a couple new ukelele songs that've never been heard.  Don't miss this great night of intrigue and musical mystery.

Oct 10, 2011

Boom Boom Room... a success!

Boom Boom Room... a success!

Just wanted to give all you Sunday night warriors props for making it out and getting down with us.  The Tumbleweed Wanderers were great as always and we had a blast playing our tunes.  We especially had fun playing the neo soul version of "Come Together" for you all... don't think Pete knew a single word but i think its better that way.  Much love all.   

Oct 9, 2011

Boom Boom Room

Allllright! Looking forward to another date with our friends the Tumbleweed Wanderers. They've been busking all around Oakland and SF as of late and it seems everybody else that sees them likes them as much as we do.

We're excited to debut a few new things for you all in attendance, including a very special surprise. The music will start at 9pm tonight and goes until late... Though Charlie earlier stated his intention to bail halfway through our set to sneak into the Stevie Nicks concert across the street at The Fillmore.

Shortly we'll be hitting everybody up with the details for our big show October 27th with another fantastic band, Dreams. Progress is also happening with our upcoming EP and we're planning a relase date sometime in Dec/Jan. 

Hope to see you all tonight!

Oct 5, 2011

Elkfest Remembered...

Elkfest Remembered...

Look at all these beautiful faces in the elkfest crowd.  We had a blast with all the group jams, uni suit live painting, and fireside chats.  Can't believe we need to wait another year to do it all again.  

Sep 30, 2011

Show just confirmed- Boom Boom Room!

First off, a huge thanks to everybody who made it down to Elkfest over the weekend. It was amazing seeing the dozens of tents set up, the hay-filled dancefloor eventually torn to shreds, and our equipment covered in a layer of mud it is unlikely to forget any time soon. It's hard to imagine things going any better, so thanks again for making it so great- even if the 100 or so people that were tearing into that amazing roast goat didn't leave many scraps for the bands!

With the buzz still carrying on from the Elk, we're excited to announce that on Sunday OCTOBER 9TH, we'll be hitting San Francisco's BOOM BOOM ROOM with Oakland natives and Elkfest-partakers the Tumbleweed Wanderers. They were fantastic last weekend and we can't wait to share the stage with them again (though we can't promise that the jam will last til 3:45am this time!)

More details to follow.

Sep 21, 2011

The Elk Approaches...

The Elk Approaches...

Calling all elk heads.  The date is nearly upon us and things on the property are shaping up in the best kind of way.  We've been out giving the old elk lands a facelift the past few weeks, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers.  Hope you all enjoy the artwork from our elk ally Stacie Willoughby.  She was able to find time in her busy schedule (she recently was doing work for the Fleet Foxes) to put all her love and mystery into this poster.  In food and bev related news, we are getting four kegs of Trumer Pils, two whole goats we are gonna spit roast, and finally a dope bar.  You will have full access to all these items and front row seats to the bands for just ten dollars.  Want to remind everyone this event will be what we make it.  So don't let yourself regret there was no body paint at the festy... it is in your hands to bring some and spread it on your brother.  We can't wait... It's coming ya'll... the Elk is coming.      

Sep 7, 2011

"The Elk is Gonna Find You"

Come join us for the mini music festival in Santa Cruz on the 24th of September.  Camping, gardening, and music all night.  The official band lineup will soon be announced! This is taking place at 1873 Elkhorn Road, Moss Landing, Ca.  

Creative Solutions at Tiny Telephone

Creative Solutions at Tiny Telephone

Here's a friendly mechanic neighbor at Tiny Telephone Studios.  We were looking for a nice trashy-smashy-metalic sound for the drum track on a tune we were recording... so this fine gent sawed a hunk of car hood out for us to use... it ate through a couple saw blades, but the fire work show was worth it.  

Sep 2, 2011

Old People Party

Old People Party


Just came across some pictures from the "Old People Party" that we played in Santa Cruz.  This night was filled with some moth eaten sweaters and lots and lots of baby powder (give us that silver fox look).  It was high energy with some heavy jams and many impromtu visitors on stage who freestyled their saggy buts off.  We have another show in Santa Cruz on the 24th of Sept... more on that soon.